October 4, 2023


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How bike-friendly is Sioux Falls?


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Friday, June 3 is Entire world Bicycle Working day. In cities across the entire world, bikes are a major part of lifestyle, offering transportation, recreation and exercising. But accurately how bicycle-welcoming is Sioux Falls?

In addition to a almost 30-mile bicycle route, which is issue to enlargement, Sioux Falls also has a variety of bike routes, which includes bicycle lanes, ‘sharrows’ (lanes marked to be shared by cars and bicycles) and road-signed routes.

Sharrow on N. Principal Ave, exactly where bikes share the suitable lane with other vehicles

Asked to grade the town on its biking infrastructure, Chad Pickard, President of Spoke-N-Activity bike store, suggests he would give Sioux Falls a remarkably good quality. “It’s not a well-known belief, but I would say an A-, or perhaps a B+,” he claimed.

Pickard states that safety isn’t definitely about how a individual feels. “It’s the fact,” he said. “Fortunately, there aren’t a ton of bike/car mishaps. When they come about, it is proper all over 90% take place in an location that’s extremely complicated, and that is at crosswalks on roadways.”

The most significant danger to cyclists, according to Pickard, is automobiles making suitable turns at stoplights. In these circumstances, a cyclist on the sidewalk approaching the intersection from guiding can be easy to overlook. In buy to keep away from a crash at these junctures, Pickard suggests dismounting your bike at the crosswalk.

“Get off your bike and walk throughout the crosswalk,” Pickard explained. “Then you maintain your legal rights as a pedestrian.”

This point about pedestrian rights is crucial to mention mainly because cyclists using a bike actually tumble into the category of vehicles. This signifies that the sidewalk isn’t necessarily the place for a bike owner.

“A cyclist has the legal rights to the street,” Pickard stated. “Just like any other vehicle, which indicates they will need to observe the guidelines of the street — if they’re gonna run like a automobile, they need to have to function in the roadway.”

Pickard does place out an essential caveat for this rule: it does not implement to youngsters. You must not enable your kids trip in the avenue.

In conditions of what is accessible to cyclists in Sioux Falls, Pickard outlined a good deal of possibilities.

“Cycling prospects are all over the place, no matter whether you want to go for a bicycle journey — we have the bicycle trail around the metropolis — there’s single track at some of the parks — we also have on-road infrastructure like sharrows and some bike lanes in a few spots,” Pickard stated.

Bikes on a rack in downtown Sioux Falls

These bicycle paths and routes are outlined on a map by the Metropolis of Sioux Falls.

One way to continue to be risk-free is to understand that there are some destinations that ought to just be prevented. “If you are gonna trip from downtown to the shopping mall, you would perhaps leap in your car and go down Minnesota Avenue and then 41st [Street]. When you’re on a bicycle, you would do it totally unique,” Pickard expressed. “You would truly go on the side streets where by there is a lot less visitors and it’s much safer.”

Some illustrations Pickard presents of safer streets for cyclists Summit for north and south, and 22nd for east and west.

Cycling infrastructure is important. As Pickard notes, not absolutely everyone can afford to pay for a auto, and some also simply opt for not to own one. Bikes give a way to commute throughout the city, something that Pickard claims is unquestionably doable in Sioux Falls. “If a city has roads, you can commute any where,” he reported.

Pickard puts the dimension of Sioux Falls day-to-day bicycle commuter at about 1-2% of the city’s populace, meaning that a couple thousand people peddle their way throughout the town each working day.

Even with his high total grade for Sioux Falls’ bicycle friendliness, Pickard does have a couple of issues.

“We have two highways that go by way of downtown. Why we have highways that go by means of downtown, I’m not sure,” he stated, stating that targeted traffic moves way too speedily by way of downtown on 10th and 12th streets.

Pickard also mentioned destinations where site visitors bottlenecks, these kinds of as Cliff, Western and Minnesota Avenues where by they access I-229. “A bike lane by there would be great,” he mentioned.

What Sioux Falls actually requires even though, explained Pickard, is targeted traffic infrastructure that slows down cars. Examples of infrastructure in this vein involve pace bumps, roadway narrowing (and employing the reclaimed space for bicycle lanes) and spherical-a-bouts.

In get to improve the use of bicycles as transportation, as nicely as boosting traffic basic safety, Pickard is a staunch advocate of cycling and driving education within just the college procedure.

For all those hunting to get into biking, Pickard had a great deal of tips.

“There’s generally bikes accessible at Middle for Hope. They have a method that gets bikes into the arms of folks in have to have — definitely reasonably priced bicycle — they’re utilised bikes,” he stated. “For these with revenue, new bikes are an alternative. We truly have a great deal of utilized bikes that have been tuned up.”

As for these anxious about their capacity to ride often, Pickard urges you to just commit. “Maybe it is not even a private commitment, but just grabbing a buddy and indicating, ‘Hey, let’s bicycle to operate.’”

He recommends having a day in which you have time to take a look at and determine out how you will get where by you require to go.

To help in setting up routes, Pickard points out that Google Maps demonstrates bicycle routes and directed riders to town maps and neighborhood bike groups.

These bicycle groups are a useful resource Pickard really encourages people today to glimpse into, noting that inexperienced persons are welcome. “Most cyclists are happy to share their know-how and every thing they know about bikes, which is terrific,” he mentioned.

As a closing source, “go to your regional bicycle shop,” claimed Pickard. “We’d love to have your business, but go to your neighborhood bike shop, check with them thoughts. There’s a prosperity of knowledge.”


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