May 24, 2024


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Buick Electra-X EV caught testing on U.S. roads in new spy photos

Buick Electra-X EV caught testing on U.S. roads in new spy photos

Spies captured what they say are the first shots of the production-bound Buick Electra-X electric crossover. Bound exclusively for China (last we heard, anyway), the Electra-X is underpinned by GM’s new Ultium EV platform, meaning it’s fundamentally related to all of the American automaker’s next-gen electric models even if we won’t get one exactly like this. 

If you’re a fan of GM’s swoopy utility concept, we’ve got great news for you: it appears as though Buick’s designers are bringing its design to production pretty much as we saw it originally. Our spies weren’t able to get close enough to snag any shots of the interior, where we expect things to be a bit more toned down relative to the futuristic renderings offered of the concept, but we’re prepared to be pleasantly surprised. 

We’ve already seen some evidence of Buick layering elements of this new look (as inspired by the Wildcat EV concept) onto its existing models. Earlier in December, the Encore GX was spotted in the wild wearing the new front-end look. Both the Wildcat and the original Electra concept were stunners, so we’re excited to see what Buick’s designers can do with this language going forward. Sadly, we’ve yet to see anything as low-slung and sexy as those original concepts, but we can always hope. 

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