April 12, 2024


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2024 Mercedes-AMG GT with less camo in the winter tests

2024 Mercedes-AMG GT with less camo in the winter tests

The second-generation Mercedes-AMG GT was caught in winter tests a year before its official debut.

Photo: Captured Video Youtube Minutes TV

The second generation Mercedes-AMG GT will debut in the winter of 2023 on the new MSA (Modular Sports Architecture) platform specially developed by AMG for the AMG SL and AMG GT sports models.

The new Mercedes-AMG GT will be available at the start of sales in the AMG GT 55 and AMG GT 63 versions, both equipped with the 4-liter bi-turbo V8 engine also used in the new SL. However, it is still uncertain whether the rest of the engines from the AMG SL will be offered: the 4-cylinder version and the V8 PHEV that takes over the P3 Hybrid system from the new AMG S 63 E Performance.

Taking over the MSA platform, the new AMG GT will have all the technologies from the AMG SL: all-wheel steering, all-wheel drive, and active stabilizer bars actuated hydraulically and not mechanically.

With a 2+2 seat configuration, the coupe will be lighter than the AMG SL and compete with the Porsche 911 GTS and Turbo. We also expect a new AMG GT Black Series version in the future.

The new generation was recently surprised in the winter tests with a reduced camouflage that allows us to see more of the car’s design.

In the video captured on YouTube, we can see that the body proportions from the old generation are kept with a long hood and short overhangs. Although the camouflage is reduced, the front and rear parts are still hidden from view.

However, it can be deduced that the headlights will have a more elongated shape than the current generation and that the Panamericana front grille has been redesigned. At the rear, however, you can see the long and thin taillights that seem to have a different shape than the AMG SL and the two pairs of exhaust pipes that are round and not rectangular like the AMG SL.