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1925 Kissel Model 55 Speedster

1925 Kissel Model 55 Speedster

Louis Kissel and his Sons began manufacturing vehicles in 1906 in Hartford, Wisconsin. The company custom-built high-quality automobiles, hearses, fire trucks, taxicabs, and trucks.Perhaps Kissel’s most famous and enduring product was the 6-55 Gold Bug Speedster. The ‘Gold Bug’ designation came from a naming contest for the sports car organized by Kissel and was chosen from over 500 submissions.This special order Gold Bug Speedster was delivered to its first owner in Crystal Falls, Michigan and is the only one built-in 1925. Kissel called the engines ‘Advanced Engineered Motors’. The 61 hp engine was capable of producing speeds approaching 100 mph.

The cars were very popular among sports personalities and the Hollywood elite. Of the 35,000 automobiles the company produced, only 150 are known to exist today.

This Model 6-55 Speedster was factory-equipped with an additional $410 options, including 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, Clymer spotlights, and a floor heater. Kissel built very few 6-55 Speedsters in 1925, and according to the Hartford Heritage Museum, this example is the only known Speedster in existence. The 6-55 Speedster’s ownership history is recorded from new.
By Daniel Vaughan | Aug 2010