May 19, 2024


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What Used Car Have You Bought And Appreciated Despite Hating It When New?


Dozens of cars come out every single year and no doubt, most of them don’t really get our motor revving all that hard. In fact, on the spectrum from love to hate it’s easy to think that very few cars ever really attain the former while far more fit into the latter category. With that in mind, we’re wondering what used car have you bought and appreciated despite hating it when it came out?

Possibly one of the most famous examples of this sort of thing might be the Porsche Cayenne. Sure, it sold faster than most expected but by and large, the automotive community looked at it as sort of sacrilegious when it arrived on the scene. Today, even the early ones are considered to be truly remarkable both with regard to on-road capability and off-road prowess.

Tesla vehicles could possibly fall into this category as well. A decade ago many thought that battery electric cars weren’t ever going to really take off but put a doubt in the seat of a Model S Plaid and just as fast as you can go from 0-60 you might have a new believer on your hands.

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I for one was one of those folks who stoutly dismissed any performance vehicle that was front-wheel drive as somewhat pointless. In fact, it’s almost more frustrating that a number of small FWD cars look phenomenal and have a wheelbase that makes them perfect for autocross because no matter how good they might be, torque steer and physics can’t be cheated.

Of course, once I bought a 2006 MINI Cooper S for my wife (our lead image) my mind changed quickly thereafter. Not only did that little puddle jumper fulfill every one of my hopes about how well it would handle and change direction, but my goodness the acceleration was addictive. A smaller supercharger pulled and a catless exhaust system combined to create one of the most fun little city cars I’ve ever driven.

Still though, we get the feeling that there are a number of excellent hidden gems so to speak, or at least ones that were shockingly better than you expected them to be. So let us know in the comments down below. Which used car did you end up buying and loving after originally hating it when it was new?


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