June 19, 2024


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[VIDEO] C8 Stingray Lines Up the Competition, Knocks 'Em Down at the Drag Strip

[VIDEO] C8 Stingray Lines Up the Competition, Knocks ‘Em Down at the Drag Strip

[VIDEO] C8 Stingray Lines Up the Competition, Knocks 'Em Down at the Drag Strip

With all the attention these days on the awesome 2023 Z06 and the leaked E-Ray Corvettes, this YouTube video serves as a reminder of just how potent the base Stingray model remains, four years into its mid-engine run.

Drag Racing and Car Stuff brings us a nocturnal video showing a Stingray take on gasoline and electric-powered challengers and emerges as the victor in all three races.

First up is a Jaguar F-Type that falls behind early and can’t ever catch up, finishing with a time of 11.96 seconds and 118 mph top speed, well behind the C8’s 11.44 seconds and 120 mph.

Next comes a McLaren, which again can’t match the start of the Corvette but manages to narrow the gap before ultimately losing to the upstart and much lower-priced Chevy. The Corvette manages a time of 11.734 seconds and 120.34 mph to edge the McLaren’s 11.739 seconds and 130.54 mph.

Finally comes the fully electric Tesla Model 3. The Corvette again takes an early lead that holds up all the way to the finish line, with the Stingray managing an 11.389-second, 120.33 mph run to handle the Tesla’s 11.638-second, 115.38 mph effort.


Drag Racing and Car Stuff via HotCars.com


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