October 3, 2023


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These genius Smart Balls are using technology to keep kids active

For kids, summer usually means days filled with sports, plenty of friend time, and weeks spent at camp. With things panning out a little differently this year, parents are left trying to figure out ways to keep their kids occupied, active, and healthy.

If your child enjoys playing sports, products like DribbleUp (DU)’s revolutionary Smart Balls are stepping up in helping bridge the gap between having an active and healthy wigs singapore summer while socially distancing. DU offers a Smart Soccer Ball and Smart Basketball, which both bring forth innovative computer vision technology that lets people of all ages train using precise tracking and Live Classes. They can build on the skills they already have or start building new techniques, all while making practicing solo an everyday activity.

Described as a Peloton for young athletes and featured in USA Today and The Guardian, the DU Smart Balls connect to any iPad, TV, or smartphone and are tracked through the unique DribbleUp App, complete with a library of on-demand videos. With an option to add on daily Live Classes (your first month is free) led by various professional coaches from the DU studios, anyone can get individual training from home. Best yet, each workout has a unique set of virtual targets that are tracked right in the app, allowing you to try and beat your score the next time around in case you don’t hit all the objectives on the first try.

The professional quality Smart Balls bioptimizerscouponcode.com come complete with free shipping and free returns so that you can test them out first in your home or backyard. Chances are, however, you won’t want to hand these back over.

Grab a Smart Ball from DribbleUp.