April 22, 2024


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The New Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition Echoes The W16 Mistral

The New Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition Echoes The W16 Mistral

Even as Bugatti’s latest hypercar, the W16 Mistral inspires new creations.

It wouldn’t be difficult to argue that the new Bugatti W16 Mistral is something of an instantaneous legend in automotive history. As the latest and unfortunately final Bugatti hypercar to be powered by the brand’s world-changing quad-turbocharged W16 engine, the Mistral is a no-holds-barred automotive masterpiece. Its roadster body style is an homage to classic sports cars and historic Bugatti models, and its design is both futuristic and full of historical touches that echo Bugatti’s incredible legacy.

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The Little Car Company’s Bugatti Baby II is a unique and modern homage to classic Bugatti racers, with the look and craftsmanship of a vintage Bugatti, and the engineering and technology of the latest and greatest from the automotive industry. The new Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition takes it further with carbon bodywork that pays homage to the incredible Bugatti W16 Mistral. Made exclusively for owners of the W16 Mistral, owners of the new Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition are able to have their Mistral’s configuration match the Baby II at a bespoke level of detail. Priced at roughly $84,400, the Bugatti Baby II Carbon Edition is the perfect complement and homage to the already-legendary Bugatti W16 Mistral.

Source: Bugatti