June 23, 2024


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Spine-tingling audio from the upcoming 830-hp Lamborghini SCV12

Set for a full debut in the coming months, the SCV12 is Lamborghini’s latest track-ony “hypercar” from the company’s Squadra Corse race division. At 830 horsepower, it falls short of our arbitrary 1,000 hp hypercar cutoff point, but it’s still more than the 750 you’re allowed in the Le Mans hypercar category, and since there’s no official appellation committee to review these things, Lambo’s free to call it whatever they like.

One thing’s for sure, it’ll be a monster. The SCV12’s screaming V12 engine is naturally aspirated, and without turbos to deaden the sound, or a hybrid electric system doing part of the work, the howl out of its fat twin exhausts is absolutely spine-tingling, as you’ll experience in the video below.

It’ll be lightweight, thanks to a full carbon fiber chassis developed specifically for this program, and the six-speed sequential gearbox has become a stressed element in the frame, with the rear suspension connecting directly to it. The wheels are lightweight magnesium jobs, and the tires will be by Pirelli.

A huge rear wing and diffusers add beefy downforce at the rear
A huge rear wing and diffusers add beefy downforce at the rear


Like many squillion-dollar track specials, a ton of time and effort has been put into its aerodynamics, with downforce front and center and lap time tenths the focus. Huge double hood scoops force extra air into the engine’s ram air intakes. An ankle-assaulting splitter protrudes merrily from the front, side “flicks” add downforce near the front wheels, vertical fins on the sides increase aerodynamic efficiency, and a huge rear wing pushes down at the back, as the huge underbody diffusers suck the car downward as well.

The result, says Lamborghini, is a downforce figure at speed that’s higher than a GT3 racer, so you can expect it to stick the fast corners. Buyers will get a series of advanced training sessions thrown in with the car, with five time Le Mans-winner Emanuele Pirro showing them the ropes and a Squadra Corse pit crew on hand to twirl such spanners as need twirling between sessions.

Please don’t leave this page without watching the short video below. We’re all-in on an electric future, but the crazed roar of this thing at full throttle is enough to make any petrolhead’s blood pump just that bit faster.

Limited-edition Hyper Car: Lamborghini SCV12

Source: Lamborghini