June 21, 2024


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Rivian electric truck charging goes glamping at Under Canvas resorts

Rivian and Under Canvas have teamed up to offer Waypoints charging stations at two of the latter’s safari-style glamping resorts. The resorts will expand Rivian’s presence in Southern Utah, an always-popular off-road adventure destination. Whether you’re driving your R1S for a weeklong stay at one of the properties or stopping overnight ahead of a broader R1T overland trip into red rock country, the chargers will top your rig off.

Under Canvas will offer Waypoints chargers at its Moab and Lake Powell-Grand Staircase locations. While the chargers will only be available to guests, and not just to any Rivian driver rolling through the area, they won’t be limited to Rivian owners and will be available to drivers of other EVs.

These latest Waypoints represent Rivian’s first team-up with a hospitality partner and are among the 10,000 Waypoints Rivian announced a year ago, including locations spread across Colorado’s 42 state parks. Unlike the Rivian-specific Level 3 Adventure Network chargers, the Waypoints are a more general Level 2 AC charger with J1772 connection and up to 11.5-kW charging speeds. Rivian estimates that a Level 2 charger will zap between 16 and 25 miles (26 and 40 km) per hour into its battery pack, so the Waypoints will work as an overnight charging solution, not a quick stop.

Rivian continues expanding its network of Waypoint chargers in partnership with Under Canvas

Rivian continues expanding its network of Waypoint chargers in partnership with Under Canvas


For Under Canvas, the move represents the next step in its mission to encourage a reduction in carbon emissions. The company also strives to install resource-conserving amenities such as low-flow toilets, solar power and pull-chain showers. And while strict conservationists might still take exception, the company designs its resorts to mirror the surrounding topography and promote open, green space within their borders.

Under Canvas resorts seem like they could definitely appeal to Rivian owners, but the R1T is perfectly capable of working as its own camper. Slide in the available electric kitchen; mount up a rooftop tent over the bed; plug a fridge/freezer into the frunk; throw a portable toilet, water jug and other supplies in the bed; and you have both all-terrain transportation and overnight accommodations. This week brought some interesting electric RV concepts, but a properly equipped R1T camper truck remains the best e-RV you can buy in the US.

The latest Waypoint chargers aren't the Level 3 variants drivers want for a quick charge, but they're good for an overnight charge

The latest Waypoint chargers aren’t the Level 3 variants drivers want for a quick charge, but they’re good for an overnight charge


The Moab and Lake Powell Under Canvas resorts are both scheduled to open in early March, and plans call for the Rivian Waypoint chargers to be ready to go for opening day. As part of the launch, Under Canvas will offer complimentary charging from opening through Earth Day, April 22. After that, guests can pay for charging using the Rivian app.

Sources: Rivian, Under Canvas