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Revving Up for Dubai - A Guide to The Grand Picnic 2023

Revving Up for Dubai – A Guide to The Grand Picnic 2023

Grand PicnicThe year 2023 marks the third annual Grand Picnic at the picturesque Safa Park in Dubai, a live car and motorcycle show that brings people locally and all around the world to come show off their hot rods and bikes.

It’s been a big event ever since its debut in 2020, and with any luck, will be a continual attraction for the already buzzing city for years to come. In case you’re thinking of attending, we have answered a few questions and are sharing some tips about the Grand Picnic and what to expect.

Register Your Vehicle for the Event!

If you’re local or have the beaucoup dollars to ship your car to the event, you can register your vehicle for free on the event’s website, TheGrandPicnic.ae. You’ll have to make sure you register in advance though because registration closes the day of the event and your ride must be approved and cleared for showing.

There’s no showing up in your car and expecting it to be shown if you haven’t gone through the proper pre-registration requirements. The good news is registration is free, although you have to make sure that your vehicle is cleared and approved for showing.

What Else Should Tourists Know?

There aren’t many rules as to a dress code, but you should make sure to dress up in something vintage or retro to match the style of the cars and motorcycles that will be shown.

There will be four official picnic vendors in the park for visitors to eat. A menu typically consists of hot dogs, burgers, pizza, and similar tourist delicacies. There are also designated areas in the park for people to barbecue if they’ve brought their own food from home and wish to save money.

Is There Anything I Can’t Do With My Car in the Park?

Just make sure that you don’t rev or burn out your car! While that may look cool in a music video or film, it’ll cause other people grief. It is strictly forbidden to do any tricks with your car or motorcycle in the park, even if you know you can.

At Gauge Magazine, we cover many events (such as the 2022 Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge) and one thing you will notice about the Grand Picnic is that there are many beautiful cars and bikes here that are priceless and kept in perfect condition.

Keeping things clean, safe and comfortable is of the utmost importance.

How Do I Go About Insuring a Car in Dubai?

To insure a car in Dubai, you will need to get the following documents: a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of previous insurance claims, a copy of the registration card for your vehicle, and an RTA Certificate of Transfer.

You will also need to remember the manufacturing year, size, and model of your vehicle to answer any questions upfront about the vehicle to any officials of either the car show or transportation authorities.

This is probably one of the most important things on this list to remember because car insurance is mandatory in Dubai and it is a requirement prior to registration of your vehicle.

The good news is that third-party insurance and comprehensive car insurance are two of the most common forms of insurance sought after in Dubai. Finding a policy that fits your budget and personal requirements will be relatively easy.

For more on insuring a car in Dubai, visit Insurance Market in Dubai for some comparative quotes.

Plenty to Do in Dubai

Now that all your affairs are in order, you’re ready for a beautiful day of sightseeing, fun park activities for the whole family. There will be hundreds of awesome cars and motorcycles to look at from various time periods, and the event is one of the most exciting events anywhere in Dubai.

Dubai is known all around the world for its excellent hospitality and tourism, so make sure to see other sights in the city as well, from the superb architecture to the bustling nightlife!