June 21, 2024


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Razer’s Newest Gamer Gadget Is Like A Supercharged Stream Deck


The new aptly-named Razer Stream Controller looks much slicker than the former, opting to use digital haptic keys laid across an LCD screen rather than the standard 15 physical buttons Elgato users have come to expect from the Stream Deck and its follow-up, the refurbished Stream Deck MK.2. The latter is nice but doesn’t hold a candle to the versatility afforded by Razer’s onboard LCD screen and the wide variety of icons and plugins provided in Loupedeck. Given the versatility of the Razer Stream Controller, it could even provide more precision than the 32-key Stream Deck XL … and that’s before you break into the Razer Stream Controller’s audio mixing features, which can plug and play directly into sources of audio such as your games, Spotify, or Voicemod.

Using the six assignable knob controls on the left and right sides of the console, it looks like you can balance the audio from each input signal before it gets pushed to Twitch, and that could also be a great way to balance a microphone if the gain levels are too overpowering, plus it could make video game audio sound less abrasive if a game happens to be poorly-mixed, which happens sometimes.

Razer promises a launch window around fall 2022 for its Stream Controller, though you can already sign up to be notified when the device becomes available for purchase from Razer’s website. If you’re partial to paying over time, it sounds like Affirm will be offering a $23-per-month payment plan over 12 months. You can currently check to see if you prequalify for a loan through Affirm from the Razer website.┬áThe new Razer product is priced at $270, which is a tad bit higher than Elgato’s $150 price tag.


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