July 21, 2024


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Questions That You Should Ask Your Dealer Before The Purchase Of Refrigerated Truck Bodies For Sale

When you are on the lookout for refrigerated truck bodies for sale, there are several factors that you should consider before purchasing your ideal truck body. If your truck fails to keep the required temperature, the fresh produce will get spoiled which will lead to huge losses and customers being unhappy with your services. Ensure that the refrigerated bodies will have good thermal efficiency, maximum fuel efficiency with a good payload. The set of questions given below will help you find your perfect refrigerated truck bodies for sale.

  • Find the objective of your truck:

1. What type of goods will your truck carry?

Will they be carrying fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat or ice cream, your basic needs will be covered.

2. What about the product packaging?

Will your goods be packed in boxes, bags, crates, pallets or milk cartons? What size and shape would the packaging be in? This will determine the temperature needed to maintain your fresh produce from going stale.

3. What should be the refrigerated truck body size?

One should calculate the space needed to carry your goods. The width, length and the height that would be needed. What number of units should you be able to carry? Usually, medium-sized refrigerated truck bodies can be found from 9 feet to 28 feet long.

4. What amount of cargo weight can the tuck body handle?

If you carry good via pallets then the weight of the pallets, the load it can carry, the maximum pallets that the truck body can carry in full weight should be considered.

  • Select the Chassis:

Once the payload capacity and truck body size are calculated, we move to the chassis to fit your truck body for sale needs.

1. What is the best chassis for your payload needs?

Ask your manufacturer about the Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), this will determine the maximum payload at which the truck can start and stop safely.

2. The tire size for your chassis?

The tire size affects the load-carrying capability of your chassis. For heavier loads, one should pick the highest quality tires or select trucks having a larger length. Make a relation between the tire quality, length of the truck and height.

  • Cooling and insulation requirements:

1. The temperature required to be set inside the truck bodies for sale:

How cold should the insides of your truck bodies be? Do you need constant/ fixed temperature or need variable temperature? Do all the food require the same or different temperatures? Will you be carrying fresh, cold and frozen food altogether?

2. How much insulation is needed for refrigerated truck bodies for sale?

One can get insulation options in the range of three to five inches. Would you be needing insulations for your doors, roofs, front wall, side walls?

3. What should be the ideal refrigeration unity capacity needed?

It basically depends on the thermal units needed to keep your boxes, containers at the set temperature. It should be best to deal with the manufacturer to get the right capacity needed for your refrigerated truck bodies for sale.

4. Do you need continuous supply for your refrigeration unit?

This is basically to check whether you want a separate refrigeration unit or an engine-driven one. Do you need overnight cargo storage or are you good with unloading your cargo?

  • Loading, unloading and delivery Considerations:

Once you know about your payload needs, the size, insulation, and refrigeration unit, don’t forget about loading and unloading the goods as efficiently and safely as possible. Always try to optimise the spaces for loading and unloading of the goods from your refrigerated truck bodies.

1. How will the goods be held?

Will your goods be held using Tie rings, E-Track or F-Track. Ask your manufacturer about the number of e-tracks or f-tracks that need to be installed.

2. Is a liftgate needed?

They help improve safety and productivity. Though it can set you back for about $1500- $5000. You can choose them based on the total weight of your goods that need to be carried with minimum effort.

3. Would a forklift be needed? Or do you need additional walk-up ramps?

Forklifts can help to load and unload your goods. Check out different packages provided by the manufacturer for your refrigerated truck bodies for sale. Though a walk-up ramp should be avoided if proper space utilisation is your top priority.

4. Roll up or swing doors at the rear end?

Swing doors are more safe and reliable as compared to a roll-up rear end door. They even provide you with better insulation and no space wastage. Though open swing doors can cause problems in tight city spaces.

5. Do you need to unload cargo for the sides?

If you need swing doors and deliver to tight city spots then a side door to help load and unload your cargo can do the trick.

6. What material do you need the exterior wall of your refrigerated truck bodies for sale to be made in?

One can choose between aluminium and fibreglass reinforced plywood.

7. What type of roofing material is needed for your refrigerated truck bodies for sale?

You can go with standard aluminium roofing or choose the modern translucent roofing made from fibreglass.

8. Is interior lighting for your refrigerated truck bodies for sale needed?

You can choose from floodlights, spotlights, and fluorescent lights according to your requirements.

Hoping the above questions will help you choose your perfect refrigerated truck bodies for sale. Do ask these questions to the vendor if you are unsure of any requirements so that you can enjoy the truck body services for a long period.

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