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Need advice: Simple & rugged bicycle for a 35-year-old newbie


I am scheduling to get rid of my bike, replace it with a scooter that anyone in the relatives can use and get a bicycle for myself.

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Hi Crew-BHP,

I am about 35 several years old and setting up to select a new bicycle. If points operate out, I am scheduling to get rid of my motorbike, replace it with a scooter that all people in the relatives can use and get a bicycle for myself. Having said that, I have no idea about bicycles. The only types that I know are from my childhood ( Hero/Hercules ).

My main problems are:

It should really be a uncomplicated, rugged device. Choice is for non-geared MTB/ATB, while I am not guaranteed how useful that would be

Wants to have a first rate suspension to battle difficult roadways.

I took a glimpse at a few of Trek bikes and the charge gave me a delicate shock. Visited other web-sites and I am far more perplexed than prior to.

Are there any good newbie bikes that satisfy the criteria?

Here is what BHPian Aditya experienced to say about the subject:


Welcome to the planet of biking. It truly is a amazing sport and just one can effortlessly get hooked on to it.

You really never need suspension on town roadways. All these cheap suspensions are ineffective in any case and only extra weight to the bike, which tends to make you less productive. An MTB with an appropriate Rockshox / SR Suntour (XCM and higher than) suspension will not be inexpensive.

Any individual coming to biking following becoming disconnected from it for a very long time is bound to get a shock hunting at the price ranges. Bikes from reputed global manufacturers expense a bomb. But, the big difference involving these bikes and inexpensive ones this sort of as Hero / Hercules is obvious after just a person ride.

If you are truly looking to spend the amount of money needed for a Trek / Scott / Fuji , and so on. search at the Decathlon variety of bikes. The RC100 Flatbar is a fantastic choice. It is pretty light and has a uncomplicated body and drivetrain. It has 32 mm tyres, which is precisely what you will need. Go through the evaluate by BHPian brt_mhn.

A different bike you can think about is the Firefox Rapide.

If you are open to the thought of acquiring a made use of bicycle, go as a result of the marketplace portion of internet sites like Cyclop. You’ll find some good offers there.

No matter what bike you go for, be certain to get the appropriate measurement and a bike in good shape.

I would not recommend non-geared bikes.

Here is what BHPian comfortablynumb experienced to say about the make any difference:

Riverside 120 from Decathlon could be a superior preference as a rookie-geared bicycle for you.

A buddy bought one last year when he was in a comparable scenario, and has been really happy with his buy.

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Check if you can borrow a cycle or two from buddies, and experience them a few of days each. There are unique designs, and you may possibly like a person design more than the other. Trials at decathlon and so forth usually are not useful given that you will not likely have the house or flexibility to test your ease and comfort on each individual design. Once you have made a decision on the form, then seem for choices in that.

I have found people, together with myself, who picked up a cycle and then haven’t applied it significantly. Recently, my BiL talked about about a cycle for his son. I asked him to choose mine for at minimum a demo use. My nephew applied it for 1-2 days, that much too just a bit, and it is sitting there. It is a BTwin 7×3.

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