April 23, 2024


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Moneylender in Singapore


Are you in a money crisis? Then you are on the right page. CRAWFORT is here for your help. People in their busy lifestyles often forget to save some money in the present day. The rising prices of the products that you use in your daily life have become a significant issue for most people. Not everybody can afford well to get all the required products on time. You can get relief from problems monetary by taking help from the moneylenders in Singapore. Let’s hop into the details.


Solve money issues at ease

In spite of being educated enough, you might not be getting a proper job to earn your living. In such a situation, it is biased to face monetary problems. You can get help from the licensed moneylender in Singapore. You do not need to worry about funding issues or return policies. CRAWFORT is at your service 24*7. In case of any emergency when you feel the need for money, you can consult this moneylender at ease. People often avoid money lending services for diplomatic return policies. In some organizations, the rates are too high for a person already in a financial crisis to afford.


We are always at your help to let you out of your financial emergency. With the rising population in Singapore, monetary problems can be seen in almost every facet of society. But people who earn are always in some work pressure. It is not still possible for the person to indulge in the thought of taking loans from banks. The high interest rates of the banking sector put the person in debt. To avoid such terrible circumstances, you can choose us for money lending policies. Our return rates are quite reasonable, and you can get enough time to lessen your debt. Imagine us to be the helping hand that God has sent to you in your time of crisis.


The crisis that you face:

Singapore is an expensive city to live in. It is not surprising to get people in need of money from any random organization. But wait! Do not make any stupid decisions at times of crisis. It would help if you did not run after any random organization which is ready to lend you any amount. Fraudulent occurs now and then in each corner of the world. Living in a hypocrite society, you must be aware of the fact by now. A money lending unit like the CRAWFORT can listen to your problems and lend you according to that. It lends money to maintaining a legal procedure. This unit not only lends money but also gives suggestions on how to solve the financial crisis in the most appropriate way. They guide you in such a way so that you do not fall under the same crisis often. CRAWFORT is a licensed money lending unit where you can easily find licensed moneylenders of your choice.

From their wide range of policies, you can select any one of your choices according to the problem you are facing. At times you might be facing a shortage of money for making some big step in life like that of a wedding or buying goods or a home. In those times, you can borrow from CRAWFORT for personal loans. There are plenty of money lenders in Singapore. But not all of them are certified. If you want a secure source of money in a crisis, you must verify and then choose accordingly.


Type of loans:

Different people have different needs. Some have more significant needs, while others have smaller ones. CRAWFORT provides you monetary help according to your needs. You need to decide the amount of money to lend at first. Each policy has different amounts to borrow, and the period of returning the money varies widely. If you have small monetary issues, then you might go for small personal loans. These loans are suitable for paying off credit card bills, home renovation debts, and other various minor problems. The amount of lend is even tiny in such policies. This helps you pay off the lend amount on time.

In the case of a massive financial crisis, you can go for home loans. You have to mortgage your home for the sum of the amount. The house stays mortgaged with proper papers with the moneylender till the time you can return the whole amount. In such cases, no considerable amount of interest is taken. After decision making on such topics, you need to think about the repayment norms. Do thorough research on the repayment norms and select a way which is the most suitable for you to pay back the amount to the moneylender. For lending money, you need to apply for a credit report from the Credit Bureau of Singapore (CBS). After submitting the credit report to the moneylender, you can get the amount. If the moneylender does not find your credit report entirely satisfactory, then he might disagree with lending you the sum you want. So, it is best to clear your credit report first any money lending criteria.


Document Requirement:

Every legal procedure requires legal papers. Similarly, if you want your money lending procedure to be legitimate enough, you have to submit and verify a few documents at first. These personal, authentic documents are necessary for the moneylender to check before lending money. You must be eligible age-wise to secure you needed sum of money from the moneylender. The following documents are required:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of profession
  • NRIC
  • Credit history papers
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof
  • For foreigners: tenancy papers, employment proof, recent bank statements

Most of the moneylenders in Singapore prefer lending money according to the annual income and not based on credit history. But to make the procedure authentic, you should get the above legal documents verified. In the case of poor credit histories, the moneylenders do not provide you the same terms and conditions. There are some special terms involved in individual packages in such cases.