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Dowagiac, Michigan. USA.

The Lindsley car was made by J.Victor Lindsley & Company in Dowagiac, Michigan. J.V. Lindsley was president and J.A. Lindsley was Vice President. They had a branch in Chicago located at 1139 Monadnock Block in suite 1139. The company failed before the market launch.

Lindsey Models “G” and “H” Sightseeing or Picnic car sold for $620 for the 16HP or $820 for the 24HP.

Description of Models “E” and “F”.

Model “E” has the same motor as the Model “C”. We will furnish this car wIth the same engine of the water cooled type for $75.00 extra. Model “F” has a 24 HP double cylinder, opposed water cooled motor. with 5.5″-inch bore and 4.5 inch stroke. All valves mechanically operated. An air cooled engine of this size liable to overheat.

Speed Control.
The Lindsley Car may be run sixteen miles per hour at any desired speed from two to sixteen miles per hour. The brakes are internal expanding and operated by a foot pedal which works on the brake drums one of which is on each rear wheel. The spark and throttle are kept under control by a small lever on the wheel.

The transmission is the planetary friction type, which we guarantee to do perfect work. The differential is placed in the center of the jack shaft and has steel beveled gears: these gears are brushed with bronze so as to give the best possible service. We use double chain drive from counter shaft to sprockets on the rear axles, thus avoiding the split axles, which cause so much trouble.

lindsley brochure cover 08

1908 Lindsey brochure cover.

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1908 Lindsey brochure interior page.

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1908 Lindsey brochure Models “E” and “F” page.