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How to ride your mountain bike in hot weather (and not overheat!)


How do you stay interesting on a mountain bike during a heatwave? When temperatures soar you want to make guaranteed you happen to be hydrated, guarded and do not overheat our prime suggestions and skilled tips will aid you stay harmless

So you want to experience your mountain bike in a warmth wave? If you just simply cannot miss out on a day of using, you can consider a few added safeguards to ensure you have enjoyment without the need of overheating.

1. Keep hydrated

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To stay clear of dehydration, just take a good deal of liquid with you to consume when you go out using, and make confident you consume loads in advance of you go and all over again when you get back. Becoming thirsty on a trip is not just distracting dehydration can have an effect on your cognitive purpose, perhaps escalating your odds of crashing, and intense dehydration can have serious outcomes in and of itself.

Dehydration is where your system loses more fluid than you take in, according to the UK’s Nationwide Health Support dehydration guidance. Delicate signs and symptoms involve thirst (definitely), sensation dizzy, weary, dim-colored pee, and a dry mouth and eyes. Appear out for these, and rehydrate if you discover any of them.

The typical assistance is all-around a person litre each hour in temperatures in excess of 30°C, but as the temperature rises, you’ll likely will need to consume extra.

2. Hold your electrolytes topped up

Photo of hands peeling a banana

The banana. A basic trail snack for a cause.

In incredibly hot weather, you are going to be sweating closely, even much more so if you’re performing exercises, and your entire body will get rid of the necessary sugars and salts, AKA electrolytes, it desires to operate efficiently. Make guaranteed you replenish them.

You could use a flavoured hydration tablet dissolved in your hydration backpack reservoir or, if you use h2o bottles, alternate drinking from one with this in and a single crammed with drinking water. You could also use plain rehydration salts that you can get from most pharmacies and drug suppliers, or make your personal by incorporating a smaller pinch of salt to some fruit squash.

You can also get electrolytes from food pickles are a well-liked decision, as is the excellent aged banana. Cheese, melon, milk and nuts are also good sources. We’re wondering a wonderful, icy cold post-experience banana and peanut butter milkshake is sounding pretty very good ideal about now.

3. Stay away from using throughout the most popular aspect of the working day

Strategy your ride to avoid the most popular sections of the working day. In the United kingdom, the Satisfied Business office advise averting physical exercise in between 11am and 3pm.

The early morning and late night are a lot cooler, so head out early or late, or alternatively of one particular prolonged trip how about two short kinds just about every close of the working day?

4. Don mild, breathable clothes

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This is a little bit of a no-brainer, but in essence decide on your lightest, most breathable kit for any rides you have planned.

Choose for shorts as an alternative of trousers, decide on garments that are made of extremely breathable fabrics or with temperature-regulating attributes, eg. shorts with laser-minimize air flow holes, helmets with a lot of air ports, and gloves and socks that have a finer knit.

5. Continue to be nearby

It’s tempting to want to push off someplace to go ride, but you’ll do your self (or your bicycle) no favours by remaining in a very hot car or truck for a interval of time, in particular if you get stuck in visitors simply because everybody else has had the identical concept.

Or if your motor vehicle has amazing air conditioning, heading from cool motor vehicle to sizzling path will also be a bit of a shock to your method – if you are heading to do this, give you a little bit of time to acclimatise to the outdoor temperature ahead of dashing up that 1st climb.

So keep nearby if you can, hit your nearby trails, and you are going to also be closer to residence when you want to neat off afterwards.

6. Head for the trees

Rooty operates by the forest are far too great for the hardcore to hoard. Pic: Andy Lloyd.

Received a forest in close proximity to you? Head there for your trip.

The temperature in shaded regions beneath trees is typically significantly cooler between 1°C to 5°C in reality, in accordance to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This isn’t just since the trees supply shade, but also since of a little something identified as transpiration the trees release drinking water which evaporates, drawing warmth away with it. Thank you trees!

7. Use lots of sunscreen

Photo of P40 sunscreen

Buy some SPF30 (or higher than) sunscreen. Apply it liberally to each individual area of your system which is not protected by dresses and that will be uncovered to the sunlight. Repeat ever few of hours.

Solar melt away is not nice, and pores and skin cancer is substantially even worse, so slop that things on and continue to keep implementing it during the working day as you are going to sweat it off over the training course of a journey. Fashionable sunlight screens are affordable, and uncomplicated to apply – we like the spray-on ones.

8. Deal with up if you can

It can look counterintuitive, but if you can deal with up spots that are regularly exposed to the sun with light-weight, breathable fabrics, you are going to incorporate an excess stage of sun defense. What is additional, lots of contemporary breathable materials could even enable you feel cooler, many thanks to dampness evaporating from the material and drawing your entire body heat with it. This is particularly crucial if you are going be out in the open and not sheltered by trees.

Consider about a mild breathable bandana or buff for the again of your neck, a loose extended-sleeved major and full-finger gloves.

9. Guard your eyes

Photo of Alpina Rockit Bold Q-Lite sunglasses

Your eyes are also solar-delicate, not to point out the point that there’s probably to be a load of dust kicked up when riding in a heatwave. Get a fantastic pair of cycling sunglasses with tinted, mirrored lenses that will give your eyes safety from UV rays and brightness.

Chances are your helmet has a peak anyway, but these are also helpful for giving a bit more overhead shade for your face and eyes.

10. Really don’t ride way too hard

You might be in the middle of training for an celebration, hunting to improve your conditioning, or only have a restricted window of time to get out for a spin, but a heat wave is not the time to force your entire body to the restrict.

Warmth provides tension to your program as your body functions to continue to keep by itself neat enough to function properly. Exercising adds a lot more warmth to the blend, and therefore more tension. While you could be wonderful on a gentle spin,  full-on max heart level uphill sprints might be a bit a lot in this climate, and you really do not want to idea about into warmth exhaustion or its additional really serious sibling, heat stroke.

So, postpone the interval training right up until temperatures have lowered (or go away it for the cooler early mornings) and opt for a slower, steadier pace in its place.

11. Stay away from alcohol

Ah, that publish-ride cold beer. So incredibly tempting. But it may possibly be really worth substituting it for a delicate drink or a decreased liquor selection like a shandy or radler, as alcoholic beverages contributes to dehydration.

If you experienced a handful of drinks the evening before your journey, make added absolutely sure you’ve received a lot of liquids with you to compensate.

How very hot is much too sizzling for mountain biking?

There are some pretty true risks to riding in severe temperatures, such as heat stroke, dehydration and sunburn, and if you have received any fundamental wellness ailments, this adds a lot more possibility.

So while it’s naturally beautiful to get out using when the trails are dry and the sky is distinct, if professional advice is to keep away from training then talk to oneself if you really need to go out for a massive journey, or can you wait until eventually temperatures fall to safer ranges.

1 of the key challenges from riding in intense heat is heatstroke, which is a critical condition that involves urgent healthcare awareness. Generally, a person will show signs of heat exhaustion initially a headache, dizziness, nausea, pale clammy pores and skin and other signs and symptoms as described by the NHS. Critical dehydration is also no joke.

If you notice these signs and symptoms in on your own or any individual else, you want to aid the individual awesome down, and preserve an eye on them. To start with help tips for warmth stroke from the Pink Cross  is worth figuring out. And if you are experience at all sick since of the warmth, seek tips from a health-related expert.

Continue to be interesting, enjoy your ride!


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