May 28, 2024


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Exploring Dubai With Your Car? 4 Amazing Places You Should Visit

Dubai is beautiful, modern, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world; there is no doubt that this city has many impressive things to offer, experiences to go through, and adventures to try.

And if you’re a car enthusiast, and love the thrill, you can’t get enough of this city, as it’s a hub for luxury and exotic cars, and each year it doesn’t fail to attract a stream of tourists and visitors from around the world.

If this is your first time in Dubai and planning to settle down there, you should think about checking some used cars for sale in the UAE to buy one and be ready to start your adventures there!

The process of sell any car in Dubai and buying one is not a burden or frustrating, so don’t bother yourself thinking about this.

Now if you prepared yourself for this car drive, check these 4 places, they are definitely a must-see.

Hatta Village

If you love to travel back in time, you should visit Hatta, it’s one of the most unforgettable places in Dubai.

The Hatta Discovery is located high in the Hajar Mountains and includes a historic village with traditional houses, dams, irrigation canals, defensive buildings, and old weapons.

You can also travel to the scenic Hajar Mountains; all you need to do is take your car and drive the UAE north, for breathtaking sights, it’s definitely worth a visit for photographers and nature lovers alike.

Yas Island

The United Arab Emirates has a few man-made islands but Yas Island is the largest natural one.

Visitors can spend their time watching wild animals, birds, and more, cycling, or taking a safari.

If you enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, or water-related activities, Yas is your go-to.

Yas Island also has one of the most advanced Formulae 1 circuits worldwide; immerse yourself in the open world of professional racing drivers and their teams.

You can book a 90-120 minute guided tour and go behind the scenes at the Formula 1 motor racing track.

The tour begins at Yas Central where you can watch the racing activities of Yas Racing School and learn about the latest models of Formula 1 and other distinctive racing cars.

Liwa Desert

Are you a fan of safari?

In the Liwa desert, you can participate in authentic Bedouin life and do a lot of other fun activities, as the Liwa desert is a fantastic place to try a hunting trip.

It is a long distance to get there, but worth your time; you can go to Qasr Al Sarab or to some hotel on the Empty Quarter edge.

You can take great photos and have the opportunity to hire a quad to head out into the sand dunes.

Visit the Liwa Desert to see many picturesque oases, desert villages, nature, and wildlife areas.

You can also watch wild animals there like camels walking slowly through the orange sand dunes and antelopes grazing on the grass near the valleys.

Jumeirah Mosque

If you are like to know more about the religious customs and traditions of the Arabs, you should absolutely visit Jumeirah Mosque; it is open to non-Muslims six days a week.

You can enjoy its Fatimid architecture because its visual style is really similar to Fatimid architecture.

You can also hire a guide or join a tour group if you arrive early, as well as taste the delicious local cuisine.


It is clear that there are many wonderful places in and out of Dubai that can be experienced and visited in your car.

Have a good time and enjoy your trip!