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Corvette Stingray/Z06 Production Notes for December 2022

Corvette Stingray/Z06 Production Notes for December 2022

Corvette Stingray/Z06 Production Notes for December 2022

Photo Credit: Keith Cornett

Christmas is right around the corner, and as such, Chevrolet only has two more weeks of Corvette production scheduled for 2022. I thought I would drop this Corvette Production update that shares where we are with production numbers, and we’ve got a couple of other interesting tidbits to share.

Corvette production for the 2023 model year continues at the Assembly Plant, and we are fairly certain that the number of regular Stingrays produced will be close to or will have surpassed 19,500 units to start this week. As far as the 70th Anniversary Stingray numbers, our friend Mike Furman tells us approximately 1650 or so have been built. Combined, that’s a total of 21,150 Stingrays built so far for the Corvette’s 2023 model year.

Speaking of Stingray’s 70th Anniversary package, we hear that buyers are ordering the White Pearl Tri-Coat versions over the Carbon Flash Metallic models by nearly 4 to 1. Could this be one of the reasons why Carbon Flash Black Metallic will hang around for the 2024 model year?

As for the 2023 Z06, the plant continuing its ramp up process. We have heard they have done upwards of 18-20 units in one day, which bodes well, and it shows what they can do when they have the parts. We have just surpassed 300 total Z06s completed, which includes around 36 equipped with the 70th Anniversary package.

Another interesting point about last week’s production was that it was one of the blackout weeks for Plant Tours, so there could have been something special that the plant was working on or taking a closer look at. Of course, the E-Ray Visualizer Leak brings even more attention to what is being worked on inside the plant.

Z06 Aero Woes Continue

Imagine your Z06 order was picked up back in August during the first order cycle, and you’re ecstatic because the order was accepted with the T0F/T0G aero package and you had an early December TPW (Target Production Week). That was the case with one buyer we know of over at the Unfortunately, his TPW was recently changed from 12/5 to 2/27. We have also heard about another Z06 buyer with aero whose December TPW changed to 1/30.

Last week, Chevy closed the order books on the Z06 for its second order cycle and one of those buyers is already reporting a TPW of 1/7! That’s five weeks from status 3000 to the production line. It appears that the Z06 aero package status is so severely backlogged that those standard cars ordered last week are jumping ahead of those first cycle orders from August that contain the elusive Aero Package.

Saturday Production

With the unscheduled loss of four shifts during the November 28th work week due to parts supply issues, workers at the Corvette Assembly Plant are scheduled to come in this Saturday with both shifts reporting. A BGA representative has confirmed that news, saying it’s “subject to continued parts availability.” The plant will be closed for its annual Christmas break during the week of 12/26.




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