June 16, 2024


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Canada takes aim at its first electric car with Project Arrow

With a keen eye on a cleaner future, Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) has revealed the designs for its very own electric vehicle. To be the first original Canadian-built zero-emissions car, the Project Arrow Concept is hoped to not just culminate in an environmentally-friendly, next-gen vehicle, but help fast-track the country’s capacity to produce electric cars.

Project Arrow was actually announced back in January at CES 2020, with the first phase of the program calling for design submissions for the zero-emissions vehicle. APMA has now settled on a winning design dreamt up by researchers at Carleton University’s School of Industrial Design in Ontario, which it says “properly showcases Canada’s leadership in this space.”

There are no specs to speak of at this time, but it is hoped the effort to turn this virtual design into a real vehicle will bring about some key improvements across Canada’s automotive sector. This includes increasing its development capacity of electric vehicles, promoting the growth of the electric vehicle supply chain and bringing new support to research and development of key technologies in academic environments.

All going to plan, APMA hopes to tour and release the Project Arrow car in 2022

All going to plan, APMA hopes to tour and release the Project Arrow car in 2022


This could include things like new forms of propulsion, battery management systems, fuel cell efficiency, autonomous navigation systems, advanced materials and new-age cockpit designs. APMA hopes that private companies and academic institutions will team up with them on the effort, with a more detailed virtual concept to be unveiled some time in 2021.

“We feel privileged to be making our mark on the growing Canadian auto industry while playing our part in pushing towards a zero emissions future,” says Kaj Hallgrimsson, from Carleton University. “We designed this vehicle to represent what Canada is all about and can’t wait to see it on our roads someday.”

All going to plan, APMA hopes to tour and release the Project Arrow car in 2022. You can hear from those involved with it in the video below.

Project Arrow 10.13.20 | Project Arrow Design Introduction

Source: APMA