July 21, 2024


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BangShift.com BaconShift Is Back! Dec 12th Till Jan 6th Get 0 Off Any Pro-Fit 5 Or 6-speed Kit PLUS Two Pounds Of Benton’s Bacon!

BangShift.com BaconShift Is Back! Dec 12th Till Jan 6th Get $250 Off Any Pro-Fit 5 Or 6-speed Kit PLUS Two Pounds Of Benton’s Bacon!

One of the most exciting times of year is when the BACONSHIFT SALE starts at American Powertrain! With $250 in savings on your favorite 5 and 6-speed kits, there is no doubt this is the perfect holiday sale, but when you throw in the Benton’s Bacon it becomes ever perfecter! So if you like bacon, and who doesn’t, and you like rowing your own gears, then you need to check out because you can save real money on the best 5 and 6-speed kits around and also eat well. Win, win…

Bacon is BACK. Just in time to lift your spirits for the holidays and get your project back into Overdrive.

Cookeville, TN (December 12, 2022) – American Powertrain, the world’s largest TREMEC® Elite dealer, announces the return of their popular #BaconShift promotion. Beginning December 12th through January 6th, American Powertrain will reward customers with two pounds of Benton’s Bacon from Madisonville, Tennessee with the sale of any ProFit™ 5 or 6-speed manual overdrive transmission kit. With the moniker “The Best Bacon on Earth,” the company’s annual BaconShift promotion has been a huge hit and one that American Powertrain has received the most positive feedback from customers according to American Powertrain’s Marketing and Sales Manager, Matt Graves.

Graves says, “This is our fifth year for BaconShift. I live in East Tennessee, 5 minutes from Madisonville and everyone in this area knows the reputation of Benton’s. Benton’s bacon and country hams are known by chefs throughout the world and in the past decade have gained notoriety after being featured on the PBS show Mind of a Chef, Garden & Gun magazine, and other major food programs and publications and are largely considered the best bacon and country ham in the world. The promotion started when good friends, Jeff Lee, VP of Digital Marketing at Martin & Company, and Chad Reynolds of Bangshift.com and I were talking about what would be a good Christmas promotion and cooked up the idea of rewarding customers with two pounds of the best bacon from East Tennessee and call the promotion BaconShift. The response was overwhelmingly positive. So here we are promoting BaconShift again five years later and I dare say that there will be a lot of thank you’s in my inbox for introducing people to what quality bacon tastes like compared to what is typically sold in your neighborhood store.”

During BaconShift, American Powertrain also sweetens the deal by reducing the price of its 5 or 6-speed ProFit transmission kit by $250. The BaconShift promotion can only be made with a phone order by calling American Powertrain at 931.646-4836.

For more information about American Powertrain’s BaconShift promotion, visit americanpowertrain.com. To speak with one of American Powertrain’s highly qualified sales technicians, call 931-646-4836, or to request an online quote go to https://americanpowertrain.com/quote/.

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