June 23, 2024


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Automotive Rewind: The Wildest Rust-Wrapped Cars

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Call it nostalgia, or confusion, Motorious revisits this strange trend.

Rust wrapping, and wrapping in general, is a trend that had some major steam for a few years around 2014. Some of the wraps from this era look like the car had been through a war zone, carrying some stories under the hood, while others look all they carry is a high-risk of tetanus. While we ponder what may have happened to these wraps by now, check out some mild to wild rust-wrapped cars.

Patina Hellcat Vinyl Wrap

What do you do when you have a 707-horsepower Challenger Hellcat? Probably not patina wrap it, unless you’re the owner of this blown Dodge. The last time this kitty was spotted, it was up for sale through $49,000, we wonder where it is now?

Martini Porsche 911 GT3 RS

This Porsche actually looks pretty sick, while not going over the edge, well, not as much as a rust wrap could. The project, called #PaintisDead, combines Martini livery with a rust wrap, giving it a well-raced look.

Ford Mustang Wrapped As A Project Car

Image Credit: 13 Three Motorsports

This isn’t necessarily a rust wrap, because there doesn’t appear to be any simulated rust on it, but more so a Mustang project car wrap. It looks like bad paint, went worse, and you know there’s, ironically, a perfect paint job underneath the paint-faded and matte primer wrap.

Bumbleebee Has Had A Rough Life

Image Credit: Wrapzone

This battered ‘Bee looks like it comes out of a war zone, or what modern society knows as ‘2020’. Even though this Camaro Z/28 isn’t a 2020 year model, it captures the essence of the past few months, and still looks sorta cool.

Charger Scat Pack With A Rust Wrap

Is this a brand new Dodge Charger Scat Pack? Or 100 year old abandoned ghost ship? The rust wrap on this Charger is a bit much, especially considering the windows don’t appear to be tinted.

BMW 535i Rusty Slammington

Named “Rusty Slammington” by its owner, this SEMA show car’s wrap might be the most normal thing about it. Since SEMA is known for the wild and out there, this BMW is fitting for its enviroment.

Rusty C5 Spotted In The Wild

This Corvette C5 appears to be spotted by the twitter user, who poses the question, “Serious question, should I get a rust wrap?”, no Quentin, we don’t think you should.

‘In Progress’ BMW i8

Whoever designed this wrap had an interesting take, instead of the ‘typical’ flash rust, it looks like rust that’s in the process of being sanded down. Of course, we’re not questioning the mind of someone who buys a ~140,000 dollar BMW i8 and puts a rust wrap on it, that seems dangerous.

Modern General Lee With An Unfortunate Twist

Image Credit: WrapZone

Then we have this Charger, that’s a bizarre take on the General Lee, a 1969 Dodge Charger that’s being hotly debated over lately because of the confederate flag on the roof. This is more like ‘General Lee left in the woods’ and applied to a modern Charger, and it makes us go ‘huh?’ – we’ll pass on this faux-rust bucket.

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