February 22, 2024


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2019 Pickup Truck of the Year


Total Miles Driven: 9,905 miles
Total Gallons of Fuel Used: 633.998 gallons
Total Cost of Fuel Used: $2,613.57
Total Fuel Pumps Used: 55
Total Monsters Drank: 35
Total Rockstars Drank by Shaun: 11
Worst Single Tank: 6.38 mpg (Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn)
Total Trucks Stuck in Mud: 0 (none since Andy…)
Total Judging Book Pages: 819
Total Pens Lost: 0 (we quit keeping track)
Total Cost of Trucks Tested: $513,325
Total Weight of Trucks Tested: 43,513 pounds
Total Leaking Tires: 1 (again…)
Pounds of Ballast Moved: 51,800 pounds
Trailer Weight Empty: 3,545 pounds
Total Horsepower: 3,105
Total Torque: 3,533 lb-ft
Total Cylinders: 60
Total Engine Displacement: 41.8L
Smallest Engine Displacement: 3.0L
Total Transmission Gears: 74
Most Buttons: 87 (tie: Ford F-150s)
Total Number of Buttons: 537
Total Number of Switches: 125
Total Number of Knobs: 53
Most Cupholders: 12 (5-way tie)
Total Number of Cupholders: 81
Total USB Ports: 30 (A) 20 (C)
Total Car Washes: 31
Total Feet of Decorative Stitching: 742
Total Pounds of Ice Used: 160
Total Red Tow Hooks: 4
Highest Altitude Achieved: 6,752 feet
Porta Pottys Knocked Over: 6 (by wind)

Log Book Quotes

“I wish it sounded like it had 450 horses.”

“The back seat is like a walk-in closet.”

“Bonus points for the butt-massaging seats.”

“Didn’t really blow my skirt up.”

“I usually don’t like sunroofs, but I thought these were pretty neat.”

“If Woody from Toy Story designed a truck…”


“Not enough cargo hooks in the back.”

“Could have a few more USB ports.”

“Exhaust roar sounds amazing!”

“I’d like to see what this truck would look like with a 2-inch lift.”

“Functional style without going overboard.”

“Would definitely purchase as a lease turn-in.”

“This is the coolest truck of the group.”

“I would never buy a red truck.”

“If I could rate it lower, I would.”

“Overall a great truck to drive.”

“Ed Hardy designed this interior, and I hate Ed Hardy.”

“What can be said that hasn’t already been said?”